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In "Sex Ed", after Gabe realizes that Andy still has feelings for Erin, he tells him point blank that he had asked for his permission before pursuing her and that he needs to accept the situation and move on. Schrute, (Acting) Manager", desperate to win her back, he privately begs Andy not to pursue her, to which he agrees simply out of pity.

Throughout the episode, Gabe is anxious about Andy and Erin's friendliness with each other.

A quietly insecure person, he was often resigned to being forced to work inhuman hours and have no social life as a consequence of former Sabre CEO Jo Bennett's unpredictable management style.

Throughout his appearances, it is clear that he suffers from a rocky relationship with his co-workers.

someone to "flitter around, spooking people, keeping them on their toes, and then disappear".

A friend of hers then told her about a man she knew who resembled one, and went to business school, to boot, thus beginning his two and a half year tenure at the company.

He is an original character and has no counterpart in the British version of the series.

She says that she no longer finds him attractive and "cringes when [he] talks", leaving him humiliated and hurt.He has also admitted that he has a fear of air travel, which he must endure due to his obligation to fly back and forth from the Dunder Mifflin office building in Scranton to Sabre headquarters in Florida during week days.Except for Erin, whom he dated for the majority of season seven, he has never had a romantic relationship with anyone else; he was bound to Jo's erratic and demanding schedule until Robert California took over as CEO. Patrick's Day", it is revealed that he "has to" go to Amsterdam seven times a year, presumably for the legalized prostitution.While she was CEO of Sabre, Jo treated Gabe in an undignified and demanding manner, sometimes tasking him to carry her items or walk her dogs.Her intimidation of Gabe and his reverence for her meant he did not object to such duties.

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