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in a local park and losing his mobile phone to a teenager who asked to borrow it and then bolted - seems Kevin tripped over the dog while chasing the kid and got a black eye ...... Lots of those great English character actors like Denis Price, Richard Wattis etc. I was a student at the RSAMD with David Tennant in Glasgow, have worked with him very occasionally over the years since, and he is utterly delightful, great fun and quietly gay.

Alan Cumming - now on the stage here in a great revival of Bent - saw it the other week - where he bares his butt at us twice in the first scene ! Yes he pitches up to first nights with a female in tow - lots of male stars do - it means good PR.

It strains credulity, however, to imagine that they have been gay lovers since their teens. I'm just laughing and laughing at you poor deluded dears, because all these men you've listed are straight.

I am on the fence about these two, but am leaning toward bisexual for both. I guess that doesn't completely rule him out as gay, but he was supposedly not terribly cool about friend John Gielgud's homosexuality. They just seem effeminate because they're British, but I can guarantee you they're all 100% he-men. I spent some time with him years ago -- terrific, kind, warm and intelligent man.

Grant and Jeremy Irons - surprisingly straight, Jeremy Northam - definitely gay, Alan Rickman - conflicting reports and none of them reliable, SIR Ben Kingsley - straight and a miserable excuse for a human being.

I don't remember which poster thinks JRM is straight but I want some of what they're smoking (not if it's the same shit Cheryl is smoking). I have been suspicious since he said he took the name Tennant after the guy in the Pet Shop Boys though.

Interesting to hear of Ioan and Matthew and Orlando and ... And she was a far better Queen Elizabeth II in that Alan Bennett play than that bitch Helen Mirren ever could be. (He's alcoholic, not gay.) Stephen Fry, Derek Jacobi, Simon Callow... He has every reason, shared by every other actor who wants a career, to hide his sexuality.

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"Not when she gets to do the naughty with Greg Wise...

Rupert Graves was sexually harrassed so badly by Kevin Spacey during the run of THE ICEMAN COMETH in London that he wouldn't come to Broadway with the production.

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