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It's been 20 years since French filmmaker Luc Besson shook up the sci-fi genre with his inventive adventure The Fifth Element, and now he's back at at again with this adaptation of the popular comics by .

The film is a blast of visual animation, with a wildly over-complicated story involving time and space.

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So their tetchy romance is enjoyable but rather aimless.A remix of The Beatles' much loved track 'Because' from their 1969 classic album 'Abbey Road' can be heard sound tracking the trailer.Set thousands of years in the future, Valérian and Laureline journey far and wide around the universe at the behest of the government in charge of the human territories.It was unlike anything I had read before, and I loved how crazy and wild and terrifying it was.It's not a movie I would have done with just any director, but I knew Gore [Verbinski, who made Pirates of the Caribbean] could pull it off.

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