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He felt the ectsasy of God realisation and at such moments he broke into song declaring "I saw Achyuta with my own eyes".He often became unconscious on account of the joy of God realization and sang: "I am saved, I have conquered life.Thinking of Vidura who satisfied his friend and Lord of the World with just one cup of milk, he praises him for his good luck and sings: "it is the good fortune of Vidura that the universe in the for Padmajaanda (Lord Krishna) is fully satisfied with what Vidura has offered".Anxiety Even though Purandardasa had taken the vow of Haridasa, his mind had not yet acquired equipoise (peace/restfulness).Purandardasa seems to have been disturbed and upset because of the severe test to which he was subjected.

He carried a tamboori in the hand and sang his Hari-keertanas sounding the tamboori with his fingers. In yet other verses Purandaradasa praises Lord Krishna affectionately.

Sri Vyaasaraja who had been accepted as a great saint had composed verses both in Sanskrit and Kannada.

He bestowed the name of 'Purandara Vittala' on the unattached Srinivasa Nayaka and blessed him heartily.

He feels unhappy over the state of his mind which was still unable to reach a stage of complete restfulness.

He bemoans in a verse: "I did not think of you during the day, I failed to do so during the night also because of thirst and hunger. O Purandara Vittala." Again he gives expression to the conflict in his mind about his inability to give up his house, wife and children in a verse: "the love of my house and my wife on the one hand and the longing and anxiety for the children on the other hand..".

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