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Many people consider the doll to be the Barbie we all need. There are endless comments on her posts of people saying “me” and “love it,” and the account has 225,000 followers. Although progress has been made to make Barbie dolls a better representation of real women in recent years, there’s still a long way to go.But that is where Trophy Wife Barbie comes in, the brilliant Instagram account that shows versions of Barbie we can all relate to.I don’t believe that this is what all cross-cultural dating experiences entail. The realization that I was more of an ego boost than anything else came quickly and our relationship was short lived. Though my host sisters hadn’t really dated, this was the suggested route.I’m sure he enjoyed spending time with me, but he enjoyed the attention more. I was confused as to how successful this could be with the island being so small, but I went three weeks before running into Mark on my road.

After a couple of weeks, I realized that most of the island knew we were dating. What disturbed me was that everyone, including my students, always asked, “Where’s Mark? I had to explain to my students that in my culture, asking teachers about such things is inappropriate.

I attempted to express my discomfort to Mark, but he didn’t get it.

It later became clear why during one of his drunken spiels—he was “the first Chuukese to date a World Teach volunteer.” I was a trophy.

“Trophy Wife Barbie’s main goal is to highlight the limitations of labels and to explore gender issues and the modern female identity,” Hofmeyr says.

“The work is an invitation to consider what might happen if we focus on the things we have in common, rather than fear the things that make us different. Because actually, there are many ways to be a woman, and Trophy Wife Barbie says that loud and clear.

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