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AMD is a processor company that offers products that work with Oculus Rift.One new product, Liquid VR, aims to reduce unwanted processing latency and deliver a consistent frame rate.Over the next few years, Jaunt created a professional-grade virtual reality camera that captures "high-quality 360-degree, stereoscopic, cinematic VR experiences," according to the company.

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Occipital offers small 3-D scanners that plug into your smartphone to scan your environment and create augmented reality and virtual reality worlds.Want to relive your bad surfing wipeout or totally awesome ski run? The home improvement giant has been into VR since 2014, when it rolled out its Lowe’s Holoroom.The Omni shoots every angle of it in high-definition. The virtual reality home improvement design and visualization tool allows customers to find the right products and design elements to help with home improvement projects — and even preview the changes they'll make to their home.Click through to see 20 companies cashing in on the very real virtual reality market.The company that has become synonymous with virtual reality technology since its launch in 2012 released its most high-tech VR headset — the Oculus Rift — this past March.

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    Dawn and Stephen did their research and talked with an ophthalmologist about what to expect and how to plan for Kate’s visual impairment.