Swtor updating slow

Hi, Could you show me a snapshot of your "Uninstall Wine Software"?If you want an easy method to take a picture with after you open it, just press Print Screen on your keyboard (if you have one?I can't remember if that was added for Star Wars, or if it was there beforehand, but it might help you. You will be locked at middle load for the loading screen passed character selection.The game MUST be on low settings, which you can set at character selection screen. Which could be why you can't get passed character creation.

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Also the commands no longer give me the error " [0509/013744: ERROR:network_change_notifier_win.cc(111)] WSALookup Service Begin failed with: 8", but now it doesn't work also, so I suppose they were good errors. edit2 Okay, so nothing else seemed to work but this; ;) edit3 Okay, so when you get through the patching and are now facing a blue screen, wait about 3-5 minutes, and then press ESC to skip all the opening logo screens. Wait about the same time as before and you will be put through to the server list. Open up Configure Wine and then add every exe for the game into the application tab and set them all to Windows XP compatibility, press apply/ok, relaunch the game and you won't be presented with the server list problem again. However, everything is black except the HUD system. The screen froze with the loading mouse so I shut it ALL off and installed these via terminal; winetricks d3dx9 winetricks vcrun2008 Next, after they installed, I shut those terminals down and opened a new one for this code; echo 0|sudo tee /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope Next, I ran the codes from the first page (my fixed location code, instead though) and waited past the blue screen and I could see my characters and everything on the log in page! I will attempt to make a new character and see if I am presented with the same error, and then try to find a way around it. I'll check out the site and see if I can figure it out though.i have drivers for my video card installed. bwa:: Remote Metrics Callbacks Handler:: IID bwa:: Remote Renderer Interface:: IID wine client error:6a: write: Bad file descriptor I will try to figure this and your problem out. Go back into winecfg and then into libraries and then edit msvcp90 and then make it "Native then Builtin", press apply and then ok. I haven't tested character creation yet, that is next.

I next tried 1920x944 and it too, would not work, though it brought up the correct screen, this is what it looked like for a majority of the higher settings, making it impossible get any further; then tested the resolution "1440x700" and it resulted in this; seems to be the width that is the problem. If I could get in and change it back to Full screen and then select a resolution from the drop-down, it just might work. Once the game launches it will automatically set it up for the game but keep the required resolution to make the game launch.

For now though, you need to have virtual desktop enabled and cannot get into the game without 1000x614. edit Nevermind, I succedded in playing full screen in both Fullscreen Windowed and Fullscreen at MAX resolution. And yes, I tested it several times and it worked fine for me.

thats what i did for msvcp90 and that plus lowering the settings is what made it so that i can log in and get to the point where i would start playing but the screen is black all but the GUI.

the only thing that you have that i do not is d3dx9 and vcrun2008. Open the terminal and then paste the following into the command line; winetricks d3dx9 And then press enter.

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