Rio karnaval sexizlee

Extraterrestrial toucan birds, neon green spacemen waving Brazilian flags and legions of scantily clad women and men dancing a furious samba opened the final round of Rio de Janeiro's extravagant Carnival parades that ran until dawn at the Sambadrome.

It's Carnival in Rio and I am honestly not that excited about it.

Though the work culture isn't like Sao Paulo, people work long hours and go about their daily lives without partying daily.

Another factor this year has been Eli, who was very sick for most of the week and isn't quite better yet, so I've been taking care of him and helping him take it easy.

It's not that I don't like Carnival; I'm completely fascinated by it, but this year I prefer to take a step back and watch it from the sidelines.

Also, Rio life during Carnival is different from Rio life during the rest of the year.

Few people work (with the exception of restaurants, hotels, malls, etc), the city slows down, and many Cariocas leave the city, while the tourists pour in.

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