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I've never smelled the 'original' version, and probably will never have that pleasure. On me, I get a beautiful floral note, then a woodsy, spicy, gorgeousness. I am excited to see how it wears during the day, and what kind of dry down I will get. Unfortunatelley (or maybe fortunatelly enough, depends on one's point of view) I never knew the original version.The best part for me was when I went outside, the breeze blew across my skin and it was the most incredibly amazing scent! I guess I missed something that is uncomparable, but at least I'm not longing for something that will never be mine.Current edt is much sharper not only at the beginning but all the way it settles down, it's much less soapy, less green, and it's more edgy.

Yes the newer version of Rive Gauche has deffo changed & Yes it is deffo different to the vintage one I first fell in love with!!

However, I won't go for another vintage bottle and will be very happy with my current formulated edt.

It's not as pretty and perfect as the vintage but somehow has more faces, more moods and it actually fit's better to my personality.

There is no better and worse among these two, they are just not the same fragrance.

If vintage and current edt were women and sisters, vintage would be the perfect beauty from tip to toe who is ALWAYS nice, always pretty,always happy, etc. Current edt would be the sister who is not ugly but not always pretty either, she would be sometimes nice and rude on other days, her face a little bit uneven, her mood a little bit unbalanced.

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