G dragon dating japanese model

Many fans tend to mix infos and picture of Kim Dong Hwa and Kim Jinah thinking their the same person.Kiko is half American and Half Korean but has lived in Japan all her life, she’s a model.This rumour began when fans suspected the “J” initial GD mentioned at the end of his cover of ‘This love’ song was about her.When you look at the lyrics of ‘This love’ (GD re-wrote the lyrics) there are many links toward her such as the mention of “September 19 your birthday” which is her birthday (September 19 1988).When not obsessing over the flawlessness of Donghae or trying to decide if her SHINee bias is Taemin or Key, she is playing the piano, loving on her dog, and hanging out with her family and friends.Seungri Spotted Clubbing In Taiwain G Dragon And Kiko Still Dating Hot Topic mp3 download, play online.

Kim Dong Hwa is 6 years older then GD, she owns a bar/restaurant that Seungri use to work in for his Manwon Happiness challenge.

And would fans even care if the two were actually dating? It is definitely out of character for the company to speak out, but perhaps fans will never know the real reason they chose to deny these specific rumors.

Regardless, all YG-stans can agree that they would love G-Dragon and Sandara Park no matter who they were dating!

For years, fans have speculated about the apparent on-again, off-again relationship between the famous singer and Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara.

However, neither YG nor G-Dragon ever confirmed or denied the relationship.

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