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The significance here was so good that I’m reluctant to just throw out this whole idea, but the effect size was pretty small and I’m honestly not sure what to do with this.

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    And he has probably never disobeyed his boss in his life. But in the end he stands up for himself and says, ‘This has been the greatest day of my life and even if I am poor and broke and never work again, I’ll know I at least had one great day.” I love that! If anyone ever compliments me, I say, “I’m doing what my mom and dad taught me.” I enjoy doing nice things for people. But my mom and dad are the most selfless, generous people I know. They’ll say, ‘We’re picking up trash around Lake Tomahawk.’ Or ‘We put on orange vests walked on the highway and picked up old TVs that people threw away.’ I realize now what I want my retirement to look like by looking at theirs. She’s hilarious and very, very serious about what she is doing.

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    Someone who is honest, loyal, responsible, humorous and down to earth. I like to laugh as much as possible and strive on being positive. I am in University studying Psychology and just coming into my 2nd year in September.

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    Where does one go careerwise after starring in one of the most popular television series of the past decade?

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