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Didn’t LT, early ’70s, use blue blinds for "limited stop" services (615, Poplar – St Paul’s; 616, Oxford Circus[? Burnley & Pendle used blue blinds, certainly in the 80s – they were thought to reduce glare and make the white lettering more visible at night-time. However, I recall some United Bovas running on National Express duties with red destination blinds.

Latterly, Bolton used a three-track number display alongside two destination displays: one was white-on black to display the outer terminus, and one was white-on-green to display the inner terminus (usually "Bolton", even though there were different termini within the town). Many of the London sightseeing companies have used coloured blinds to differentiate on which tour/feeder service the bus is employed – and this has carried forward into the digital era. In August 1955 London Transport introduced a peak period (the Sat service only lasted a year) 130 Express service between New Adddington and East Croydon, later West Croydon, and this ran until replaced by the C1 and C2 in 1970.

I am only going on long-term memory, but I think the destination roll had some places in a colour (not all), and later buses had a second number aperture – this too sometimes used a coloured display.

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You are indeed correct that many of the B/W destys on the early 50′ blinds covered ‘shorts’ with the only official "full" black/white blind ‘end’ route being the West Shore (extension from North Scale), North Scale to Cemetery, with the shorts to St. If you need a link to what was on which route do please let me know, (they are mainly in order related to the colour from the blind you listed).There were only five main services inside the city boundary so they had them all covered (in colour)! Unusual to use the first letter of the street name as a suffix.Portsmouth Corporation had a route 143 whose suffixes went from A to F.If MTGOW is fire, then perhaps feminism is gasoline,” reads the history page.A more concrete theory is that MGTOW was created by online aliases Solaris and Ragnar in the 2000s, when they penned a manifesto calling for men and women to adhere to traditional gender roles and to fight for pared back govermment.

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