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Laura Hale's answer argues "Is (sic) the contents inside the leak newsworthy? High-profile Ashley Madison members have been identified from numerous walks of life, notably including Josh Duggar.

Life may be a bit shorter for these members, at least married life as they know it.

However, there's another important person whose life will be affected by his wrongdoing: his wife, Anna.

Overcoming infidelity is a process, taking time and dedication.

The Ashley Madison hackers have posted personal information like e-mail addresses and account details from 32 million of the site’s members.

July 20, 2015: Avid Life Media issues two statements acknowledging “an attempt by an unauthorized party to gain access to our systems” and announcing a joint investigation conducted by Ashley Madison, law enforcement, and the cybersecurity service provider Cycura.

July 22, 2015: Impact Team releases the names and information of two Ashley Madison users - a man from Brockton, MA and a man from Ontario, Canada - in the first data leak to come from the hack.

“I’ve got their profile right in front of me, all their work credentials. Earlier this week, antivirus software pioneer John Mc Afee, who has a reputation as a renegade in the security community, laid out his own conclusions, the result of his analysis of the dumped data and Impact Team manifestos.

It was definitely a person here that was not an employee but certainly had touched our technical services.” But Biderman seems to have dropped that narrative — we haven’t heard much in the way of that assertion since. He believes the data was stolen by a former female employee.

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