Dating a sikh woman

The Foreign Office has confirmed it is making efforts to monitor Mr Singh's welfare but the protest today demanded confirmation a British High Commission representative will be present at his next court appearance on November 17.Protesters also demanded an independent medical examination of Mr Singh to verify the claims of third degree police torture.A float depicting Sikh tradition of ‘langar sewa’ (community kitchen) will be a part of the upcoming Rose Parade on New Year’s Day in South California.Formally called the ‘Tournament of Roses’, the parade is a 129-year-old American tradition that attracts up to one million visitors and is broadcast live across the US.He said his brother was in India after recently getting married and was snatched from the street while out with his wife.

Supporters also fear Mr Singh may die in police custody unless the government acts soon.It is very, very embarrassing.'He added: 'The Indian government are butchers because we are Sikhs.'Shinda and many other protesters said they learned about Jagtar's case on Indian television but it has recently received increased media attention following allegations of brutal torture.Baljit Singh, who travelled to today's protest with a coach of supporters from Southall, west London, said he met Jagtar through activism within the Sikh community.He told how he learned his brother was taken by Indian police after his sister law phoned him from the country.He said: 'She phoned saying this has happened, we didn't know what it was, all police were saying is come this place.'Mr Johat flew to India the following day but said his family members who were also in the country, including his sister-in-law and aunt, were soon forced into hiding over fears they would also be detained.

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