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The DWP may seek additional evidence from your doctor or advice from Maximus.

If the DWP refuses to accept that you are suffering with a new or significantly worsened condition, you will normally get a new decision that you are not entited to ESA because you do not have LCW, which you can only challenge by requesting a MR.

You must: Note that you cannot get ESA pending an appeal against a decision that you are treated as not having LCW because you failed to submit an ESA50 questionnaire or attend a medical.

If you live a UC 'full service area', you can only get IRESA pending appeal if you have not already made a claim for UC (see .

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You may be able to get income related ESA pending the appeal, backdated to the date your ESA stopped (i.e. Reclaiming ESA during a MR If you reclaim CESA, or CESA / IRESA in a UC 'gateway area' after being refused or disallowed ESA because you do not have LCW and cannot be treated as not having LCW, you are only entitled to ESA pending a new decision on whether you have LCW if:1 In all cases, you must provide a medical certificate with your new claim.If you are suffering from a new or significantly worsened medical condition, you will need to decide whether to stay on JSA or whether you should instead reclaim ESA which is paid at a higher rate after the assessment period.If you are entitled to ESA while you are appealing against a LCW decision, you will need to relinquish your JSA claim before your ESA can be restored.fibromyalgia, previously chronic fatigue), or gives details of how an existing condition has significantly worsened.In some cases, being without money could exacerbate a mental health condition.

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