Boy vey the shiksas guide to dating jewish men

Typically, when there are hookups, the males do it in a way that never involves force or the threat of being fired, and the actresses use their attractiveness coyly, never descending into outright sluttiness (“I’ll blow you for the role, mister director! Harvey Weinstein failed to play the game with skill. That strategy worked only as long as Weinstein could guarantee those coveted statuettes.He was a man who’d stoop to any level to ensure an Oscar win.An obese, vulgar New Yawker who became a master landscaper in a Jewish-built Garden of Eden, only to blow it because he couldn’t stop violently shaking the trees in his insatiable lust for fruit. But why are Jewish boys so special, and how did they get so nice?Needless to say, the op-ed was roundly denounced, and Oppenheimer soon apologized.

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Hollywood has a structure; there is a “standard” way actors get cast, and the business respects those norms more often than it flaunts them.

It’s a horrible town, just not horrible in the way some of you think. Horny (often unattractive) men in power on one side, beautiful actresses with a different type of power on the other.

No, there are no “Satanic pedophile rings.” The biz has pedophiles just as it has rapists, but it also has liars (like convicted fraudster Michael Egan) who make up stories about pedophiles and rapists. Directors only dabble in pentagram and devil-goat imagery because they know it cheeses off conservatives. But most people in Hollywood play the game skillfully. The man doesn’t feel like he employed compulsion, and the woman doesn’t feel like she prostituted herself. He made the one mistake this town doesn’t forgive: He had a dry spell. Weinstein was known for manipulating actors into accepting smaller paychecks in exchange for promises of Oscar gold.

Think about it; how else is a fat, nerdy Jew-boy from the coasts ever going to come into contact with hundreds of pristine shiksas from the Midwest and Europe?

A yid like Harvey Weinstein was only able to get in the same room as someone like Kate Beckinsale because of her dreams of stardom and his ability to produce successful films.

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